This “Marmaduke” Fan Theory Makes Me Vomit Violently and It’s Terrifying

marmaduke“Marmaduke” is the beloved comic strip that’s been running in the funny pages since 1954.

During its run, there have been many tributes to it done by fans, most notably the mass-suicide in Oklahoma when a local newspaper forgot to print the strip one day. But this newest one is sure to blow the minds of readers, or make you barf up whatever you’ve recently eaten as it has caused me to do nonstop for the past ten hours.

The new tribute in question is a fan theory (as well as a vomit-inducer, if you’re me) that suggests that Marmaduke’s owner, Phil Winslow, has been dead since 1967 and all of the comics since that year have been his experience in purgatory.

While this concept is certainly an interesting one, it’s also caused me to puke furiously since the moment I heard it last night. I have been sitting uncomfortably on my bathroom floor since then, screaming, “why have you done this to me, Marmaduke theory??” inbetween chunks of barf. I hope this stops soon, but no end is in sight, unfortunately. Goddamn you, Marmaduke, and your awful fanbase that has brought this horror upon me.

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